Response ~ Rough Drafts

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #46: Response

“For this week’s challenge, I thought it might be interesting to create a post in response to someone else’s work.” V.J.

Response to quote attributed to Msgr. John Sullivan:  “All except the shallowest living involves tearing up one rough draft after another.”  The quote is among my 40-year collection…only link I could find was to a blog which includes author quotes:

Rough drafts…

Lost count, many

Changes of address due

To new circumstances

Jobs, relationships



8 years of blogs, identity

Same, different usernames

Reinventions’ prevalence

Suggest soul’s instability

Wait, not so fast…

Creativity’s not always

Mark of madness…

Perfectionist, with admitted

Insecurities…perhaps I

Write, rewrite, obsessively

Editing, to polish my story 

Give it glimmer…tidying

Language, font, format

Not to make perfect, but

Pleasing somehow, in its

Genuine authenticity. 

Life as journey…chapters

In book, living legacy.

©Leyda Bien, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “Response ~ Rough Drafts

  1. Love the ‘wait, not so fast’….can relate having worked and reworked a memoir/novel so many times, through countless life changes, and shifts in perspective. You have captured, what I am sure, is a universal theme. Thanks for participating.


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